The Popocatépetl

Versión en español.

I recorded a video with my handycam and then edited a timelapse. Two hours compressed in two minutes. It’s possible to appreciate how the shadows move and behind the luxury complex, you can see how the Popocatépetl smokes gently. I think that’s impressive.

You can also see my neighbors moving fast to live their own lives (the college kids who rent a house to Mr. Calavera) and some birds flying, strolling around (I believe the birds are a type of geese). I tried to make a timelapse of the sunset but I couldn’t do it, and for good reasons: abandoning the camera for two hours in the precise moment that the sun strikes the lens wouldn’t be very smart. I tried putting a protection but it wasn’t good. Maybe I’ll try it later, from another angle.

When the sky fills with clouds, because in Cholula the sky gets filled with clouds during the spring and the summer, I’ll repeat the timelapse experiment.