Who writes here?

Agustín Fest (also known in the internet as arboltsef) studied English Literature at UNAM. He worked ten years in publicity, making casting for TV ads. He has published in a few magazines in his country: Penthouse México, Venga!, ¿Dónde ir? among other. He was a columnist in the cultural suplement of La Jornada Aguascalientes, Guardagujas. He won an award for a short story: The Lotus-Eater  and was given a mention for his novella: Tell Your Mom to Shut Up (Dile a tu mamá que se calle) which was published by Ficticia Editorial and the UAN.

He has published some ebooks in his own language and is included in two post-apocalyptic anthologies: “Así se acaba el mundo” (Editorial SM, 2012) y “Diarios del fin del mundo” (Kala Editorial, 2009). He was part of Jóvenes Creadores (FONCA) in 2013 for his book of interactive short stories: “The Multiple Lives of Matthew”.

He worked in his blog for ten years and three stages: “Árbol Tsef Thaed – Cibernauta”, “Tree of a Thousand Names” and “tree 2:17”. In that blog, he used to publish his novellas, short stories, microfictions and the chronicle of his cat-hater and child-eater cactus. He used to run, as one of the admins, a creative writing blog called Metatextos and he was admin for a massive journalistic photography blog called Big Blogger. Finally, he decided to open a blog with his own name (which he thinks is rather pompous in a what-the-hell kind of way) where he plans to rescue some chronicles, posts, articles and short stories. This is the english version.

If you know spanish, you can read him in his twitter. You can also befriend him in facebook. Or you can follow his notebook of pornographic and erotic pictures (mostly) at tumblr.

He currently lives at Cholula, with his wife and his two dogs.

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